We help restaurant to improve their customer's satisfaction level by supplying solution of in store pad apps, POS system,  and  easy to use online order website with electronic menus.
We also help partners to relief their work by supplying customizable solutions according to their customers' changing requirements.

Clothing Industry
We have helped Clothing Stores to enlarge their customer group by supplying super maintenable dynamic web sites. With automatically generated QRCode with Logo on it, we make it easy to spread interesting topic between existing customer group and help to enlarge it.
We also now supplying web site service to other industries.

Knowledge Management
We believe knowledge is important. Comparing to face, we believe it's the knowledge that decides who we are in this world. So, to have our knowledge well organized in an most interesting way, we developed this online tool for individuals and business to improve their knowledge management. 
We hope you can enjoy it and find the value in it like us.